September 2019
A much quieter month with just a few trips to Leighton Moss. All the photos below were either taken at Lower Hide or on the path leading to it. Unfortunately it is now closed for safety reasons so I hope they can repair it or replace it quickly. I've seen otters all over the reserve but that has always been the most reliable place at all times of the day. The autumn leaves are starting to change so I might go back to landscape photography next month.
August 2019
I've added an extra Field Trips page after a two week visit to Scotland. The first week was based in Ardnamurchan with Naturetrek and the second was a family holiday in Aviemore.
eight otters on a rock
There are a few other August photos from local nature reserves in the grid below.
July 2019
Another quiet month. Not much wildlife about, or I haven't been looking hard enough (busy at work). The photos are all from Leighton Moss. The spoonbills have been around for a while but always seem to be a long way off. The bitterns have bred successfully but the avocets haven't done as well.  August will be better!
June 2019
The summer months always seem to be quiet for wildlife, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Work has been very busy as well so I haven't been out as much as I would like. 
The first eight and the final seven photos were all taken at Leighton Moss. I know we're supposed to despise grey squirrels but the two youngsters spent a good 15 minutes hunting around a log for dropped bird food. I know in city parks they can be very approachable but that isn't usually the case locally and the light was very good. All the pictures were taken with a Panasonic G9 micro 4/3.
The other photos were taken on a one day road trip through Galloway. They aren't great but it was a good day out, driving through the forest on the Raiders Road and then down to the coast at Mersehead. There never seems to be much wildlife there when the barnacle geese have left but it is always so peaceful. Probably my favourite RSPB reserve to get away from it all.
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